The India Centre is envisioned as a hub for an outstanding interdisciplinary study of India and developing academic resources through various activities, including research, teaching, conferences, and archives building. It will be a meeting ground for diverse scholarly perspectives on India from within and outside of it.


The India Centre provides an enabling environment for students and researchers from India and abroad to study the evolution of various aspects of Indian culture and identify and promote the study of some of its features. It offers a space for the public to engage with the topics of interest.


Promote the study of Indian cultural traditions, including artistic heritage, artist and artisanal communities, socio-economic-religious-ecological traditions, and historical and epistemological knowledge - through various research projects.

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As the currents of globalization continue to sweep us in the 21st century, knowledge systems inspired by Indian civilization have a great deal to contribute globally. Although Yoga is now practiced worldwide, academic study of Yoga Shastra and many other Indian knowledge systems of health, arts, linguistics, classics, mathematics, sciences, philosophies, and other disciplines are waiting to be explored.

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FLAME has been created as an academic institution anchored in Liberal Education. It is the pioneer of Liberal Education in India. The aim is to provide students a learning experience that would excite and enthuse them.The focus is on experiencing, learning, self-reflection and self-discovery by freeing themselves from the traditional ways of looking at things and instead to constantly question and challenge themselves, society and the world at large. The purpose is to give the country and the young generation an academic institution that fires the imagination of students to discover the magic and passion in themselves, to foster their creativity, to propel their innovativeness and determination to create, build and shape new enterprises.

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The India Centre promotes immersive journeys for students to cultural landmarks, which help them gain a deeper understanding of Jainism and Indian Philosophy through first-hand experiences. These excursions provide a unique opportunity for students to engage with India's rich heritage, visit sacred sites, interact with artists and artisan communities, and explore the socio-economic, religious, and ecological contexts that shape these traditions. The Centre's emphasis on experiential learning encourages students to break free from traditional perspectives, fostering a spirit of inquiry as they delve into the rich historical and philosophical landscapes. These on-site experiences not only enrich their projects but also cultivate a profound connection between theoretical knowledge and the vibrant realities of India's cultural tapestry.