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Shatrunjaya Tirtha Jain Temple

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The temple is located in the Bhavnagar district of India. Nestled in the Shatrunjaya Hills, it holds significant spiritual significance as it is believed to be where numerous Tirthankaras attained moksha (spiritual liberation). This sacred location boasts a staggering 865 temples and is situated at an elevation of 164 feet above sea level. The pilgrimage’s history and grandeur are richly woven. Among its prominent features is the connection to Jainism’s founder, Adinatha, who meditated beneath a hilltop tree. The site’s name, Shatrunjaya, derives from the veneration of saints who achieved nirvana by conquering negative traits like anger, attachment, and jealousy. The journey to the hilltop spans around 4 km, with a staggering 3750 steps to ascend. The divine presence is palpable in structures like the awe-inspiring Jal Mandir and the sacred Saraswati temple. The ascent is both a spiritual and physical journey, as devotees can choose to climb on foot or use dolis. The temple withstood destruction by Turkish Muslim invaders in the 14th century. It was rebuilt and restored under the guidance of spiritual leaders like Saint Jinaprabhasuri.

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