The India Centre

india study @ flame

FLAME University has been a pioneer in offering several courses focusing on contemporary Indian society, cultural traditions and heritage. The India Centre aims to meaningfully support some of the courses with guest lectures, readings, research projects, etc.

  1. Philosophy
    1. PHIL103- Introduction to Indian Philosophy
    2. PHIL131- Introduction to Jainism

  2. Language
    1. SNKT101- Basic Sanskrit I
    2. SNKT102- Basic Sanskrit II
    3. URDU101- Basic Urdu I
    4. URDU102- Basic Urdu II

  3. Literary and Cultural Studies
    1. ARTS103- Indian Painting
    2. ARTS102- Introduction to Indian Art
    3. ARTS105- Arts of the Indian Subcontinent
    4. CULS151- Mahabharata: Reflections of Ancient Indian Society
    5. LITR154- Introduction to Modern Indian Drama
    6. HIST101- Indian Society Through the Ages
    7. CULS103- Iconography: Meaning and Myths of Icons
    8. ARTS331- Indian Cinema
    9. CULS231- Images of India
    10. THEA206- Indian Theatre
    11. HIST331- Issues and Debates in Indian History
    12. CULS331- South Asian Cultural Studies

  4. Music
    1. History of Indian Music
    2. Tabla
    3. Vocal

    1. INRS304- India's Foreign Relations

  6. Economics
    1. ECON204- Indian Economy

  7. Public Policy
    1. POLS202- Indian Government and Politics
    2. PUBP205- Planning and Policymaking in India
    3. POLS102- Introduction to Indian Political System
    4. POLS152- Modern Indian Political History

  8. Sociology
    1. SOCY152- Indian Society and Culture

  9. DIP
    1. DIPG202- Discover India Program

    1. JRLM203- Indian Polity and Governance

  11. Dance
    1. DANC209- Understanding Indian Classical Dance: Kathak and Bharatnatyam
    2. DANC208- History of Dance (Indian and Western)