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Shree Sheetalnath Jain Temple Visit

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The sculpture of Shitalnath Bhagwan was discovered behind the temple, accessible through a staircase. Next to Lord Sheetalnath is a Guru Kushal Suri Ji deity and a unique box containing a “Shriphal,” i.e., one-eyed coconut. Regular pujas are conducted, with a special ritual on Dussehra involving cleaning and offering 108 flowers one by one while reciting “Om Hrim Arham Namah.” Inside the temple’s sanctum sanctorum, the ceiling displays 36 Ragas and Raginis of Hindustani classical music, depicted with various instruments. The temple, adorned with gold-plated accents, boasts exquisite chandeliers from Belgium and Murano, Italy, as well as vases from China and Italy. The architecture creates an infinity mirror effect during pheri, which tells us that we take rebirth many times, so we should be grateful to be born as humans and do good work for society. The temple features intricate hand-cut colored glass artwork and marble flooring throughout. Notable within is the Akhand Jyot Deep, an ever-burning saffron-colored flame without soot, positioned on the left side. Just outside stands Mount Meru, a sacred five-peaked mountain revered by Jains, Buddhists, and Hindus, symbolizing the center of the universe. Adorning the staircase are images depicting Ahimsa, showcasing a lion and a cow peacefully drinking water from a mountain stream. The temple’s unique practices include the aarti of 108 diyas on Mahavir Jayanti. Aptly named the “Glass Temple,” it showcases diverse varieties of cut glass pieces, creating an exceptional

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