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Katraj Temple

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The Katraj Jain Mandir, also known as Aagam Mandir, houses numerous shrines dedicated to different Jain Gods. The temple embraces daily practices like the Ashta Prakari pooja, comprising eight distinctive rituals that carry profound symbolic meanings. Each ritual resonates with Jain teachings. For instance, Pakshal Pooja symbolizes traversing life’s challenges with compassion, while Phal Pooja signifies detachment from worldly matters for spiritual liberation. The project explores the Jain tradition of Sallekhana, a sacred vow taken by individuals who face the end of life due to old age or incurable illness. Sallekhana, often misunderstood as suicide, is a meticulously planned process of confronting death with equanimity, aimed at spiritual self-realization and liberation from the cycle of life and death. An exploration of Jain practices and beliefs provides a glimpse into their profound philosophy and commitment to spiritual growth.

Area of Study: Jainism
Team Details:
  • Vruti Mehta
    Undergraduate Student
    Major: Finance | Minor: Open