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Trishund Mayureshwar Ganpati Mandir

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The temple is situated in Somwar Peth. This venerable temple boasts a history of 268 years, characterized by its unique blend of architectural styles hailing from Rajasthan, Malwa, and South India. The construction of this splendid edifice commenced on August 26, 1754, under the guidance of Bhimjigiri Gosavi from Dhampur, and was completed by 1770. The sanctum’s walls are adorned by three distinct inscriptions in Devanagari, Sanskrit, and Persian scripts. The central deity is Lord Ganesh, depicted with three trunks (Trishund) and six hands, serenely seated upon a majestic peacock (Mayureshwar). An interesting facet of the temple is its basement which is opened to the public exclusively on Guru Purnima. The temple’s rituals are equally captivating, featuring the traditional offerings of 21 Durvas and 21 Modaks.

Area of Study: Indian Philosophy
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