The India Centre


As enunciated in the objectives, the Center's research mandate is to study various aspects of Indian cultural traditions, including artistic heritage, artist and artisanal communities, socio-economic-religious-ecological traditions, and historical and epistemological knowledge. It has the directive to undertake advanced research of select projects of the student-driven Discover India Program (DIP). While the centre has been recently established and new projects are currently being conceptualised and initiated, a sample of the publications of the members affiliated with the centre, given below, provides a brief glimpse of their research and allied interests.

Prof. Pankaj Jain

  • Anuradha and Anupama: Gender Issues through Nussbaum’s Capabilities Approach
    Publisher: Visual Anthropology, 2021

    This article analyzes the movies Anuradha and Anupama reflecting the protagonists' capabilities to create a just society. The analytical framework is based on Martha Nussbaum’s capabilities approach.

  • Springer Encyclopedia of Hinduism

    This volume offers an overview of Hinduism in India and the diaspora. This volume fills the need felt by Hindus both in India and the diaspora for more knowledge about modern-day Hinduism, Hindu history, and traditions.

  • Discover India Podcast

    This venture is about Indian Culture, Indian classical music, Sustainability, Hindu/Buddhists/Jain studies, Film studies, Diaspora studies which are discussed with the respective experts. Episodes include presentations at various conferences and webinars as well.

Prof. Maya Dodd

  • Exploring Digital Humanities in India

    This book explores the emergence of digital humanities in the Indian context. It looks at how online and digital resources have transformed classroom and research practices.

  • Media Culture in Transnational Asia

    Media Culture in Transnational Asia: Convergences and Divergences examines contemporary media use within Asia, where over half of the world's population resides.

  • Understanding Taste in India: Social Systems to Digital Spaces

    Food studies includes ideas on the environment, constructions of regional identity and culinary history. Pierre Bourdieu said “taste is the basis of all that one has—people and things—and all that one is for others, whereby one classifies oneself and is classified by others.”

Prof. Viraj Shah